Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee

If you have been to Old Town, before, chances is that you have seen these green packets of coffee that they are selling on their shelves? Yupe~it is a special blend of coffee that I have never seen elsewhere-Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee. Yeah~HAZELNUT! My eyes were wide-opened as well when I first saw this unique blend of coffee. Do you guys know of any other brands of coffee (in Malaysia) which have Hazelnut flavour? I don't think so huh...

Hazelnut in my coffee?

So have you tried Old Town's 3-in-1 Hazelnut White Coffee before? How does it taste like? The first time I tried tasted really, really different from the other coffee. Perhaps it was the Hazelnut...then again I can't help but feel that this mixture of coffee is too sweet for my liking. I can't tell if it is the natural sweetness of Hazelnut...or because of the added sugars. Can you tell? That is why I only drink this coffee like once in a blue moon.

Have you tried it before?

Looks like there is more sugar (white) compared to coffee + Hazelnut (brown) huh!

Then again this Hazelnut coffee is still a good blend to be savoured. :)

15 sachets of this sweet Hazelnut coffee cost me around RM14. Then again it is refreshing to drink this Old Town's Hazelnut White Coffee from time to time because it gives my taste buds a different kind of "excitement". It allowed my numbed taste buds to start anew before drinking my usual blends of coffee again. How about you? Do you like this blend of coffee? Do you have other similar "weird" blend coffee that you wanna introduce to me? I would love to try them. :p

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