Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jordan's New Toys-Fridge Magnets

Sometimes I wonder what my Jordan boy loves to play with...I bought tonnes of toys of him...but most of them won't be played by him for long. I wonder what kind of toys does he like...sometimes he loves to play with the door knobs; sometimes he is fascinated with the chair; other time he prefer to play with his own sandals. But there is a kind of toys that he will play every single day-his fridge magnets. That is why my wife and I bought him these 4 adorable animals fridge magnets for him. Guess which are the 4 adorable animals that we got for him.

Jordan boy's 4 new fridge magnets. :)

Jordan boy was utterly delighted when he first saw his 4 new toys. We stuck the 4 fridge magnets to the refrigerator and instantly Jordan took all of them now. He examined his 4 new toys by one. Then he stuck them to the refrigerator again...and took them down again...put them up back...again and again get it. I think he can do this... repeatedly for hours...

Jordan boy examining his new toys.

Wanna know why this Cow can be stuck to the fridge?

See...there's a magnet at its back. Magnet "sucks" iron. That's why!

Jordan boy was curious why they could stick to the fridge while other different toys can't. Sometimes he is so immersed with his fridge magnets that he would stand in front of the refrigerator for 10 to 20 minutes just to play with them. If we try to take him away from his "magnetic-land", he would cry. Hmm...maybe he had bought him the wrong toys...

Jordan boy loves all of them...but he has a favourite. :)

So which one is your favourite Jordan boy?

Tiger. :)

Wanna know why we bought these 4 cute animal fridge magnets?

After a while...he seems to understand magnetism. He knew that those 4 animals have a magnet on their back. So he will bring those magnetic toy and try to stick them to virtually anything on his path. Soon he has learnt that his magnetic animal friends can only be stuck to the certain things...such as the iron frame of a table, milk can, metal frame just to name a few...he enjoys doing this. So perhaps we have got him the right toys after all. One that can teach him what is magnetism. :)

This is the "place" that Jordan boy loves to put his fridge magnets the most.
"Why you put the mouse in the pot? You wanna cook mommy is it?"
That's what my wife always says to him. Ha :D

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