Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jordan Boy Trying To Open The Door

They say babies are very adventurous and curious. As they grow older and get bigger...they would wanna try to explore everything around them. The same is true about my Jordan boy is 20 months old now. As he grows taller, he likes to reach out for stuff placed at higher grounds. For example he will try to grab something from the top of a table or try to press the buttons on the stand fan. The higher the "challenges" are, the more determined Jordan will be to accomplish them. This little boy of mine loves to push the limit~just like his pop. LOL :D

Jordan walking towards the door...

Sometimes he can spend quite a long time, trying to do the impossible before he finally gives up...knowing that it is impossible for him to do certain things because he is after all...too young. So last month when we were back in Taiping, Jordan was really excited to know that he could reach for the lever (door handle) of his grandpa's iron grill. This is something he couldn't do back at home. Of course he was very pumped up to turn the lever to open the door. He tried again and again and did he manage to open the iron grill door? Let's find out...

I want to prove to daddy and mommy that I can open the door.

See I can touch the lever already!

It's time to open the door! Hiyeah!

Photobucket come I can't swing open the door?

Maybe I need some help from Spongebob (he's holding it) to open the door!

Come on~I can do it.

How come the door won't open up? :'(

Photobucket wonder...

Too bad he couldn't open the door huh! He could reach the lever but the iron grill door comes with another extra safety feature which is the bolter on top. If we didn't bolt the iron grill door when Jordan was around, he would definitely be able to swung open the door...and he might down. So we'd better be safe than sorry right? I guess one day he will be able to reach for the bolter and open the door right Jordan boy? :)

*Yawn* I am sleepy...I will be back again to open you up-DOOR!

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