Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome To Our Little Bedroom

Ever wonder how my room looks like? I am sure some of you might be wondering how do my wife and I sleep with our 2 little precious babies every night. Today you guys will get the privilege to look at my room, the place where my wife, Jordan boy, Jasmine girl and I have our shut eyes. You will get to see how we arrange our beds so that the room will be safe for our 2 little ones especially Jordan boy who likes to move around a lot. Welcome to our humble little room.

This is how our beds are laid out.

As you can see, I place the 12-inch queen-size mattress on the left, while an 8-inch single bed is place directly on its right. Both these mattress come with miracoil, pocket springs (blah~blah~blah~whatever) and are certified by Chiropractor to be good for our back bones. Can you guess where Jordan and Jasmine are sleeping? Since Jordan can be quite "dangerous" when he is asleep, we have to separate him from Jasmine. So Jasmine will be sleeping on the far left of the 12-inch queen-size mattress. My wife will be sleeping next to her. Ha :D How about little Jordan? He will be sleeping on his RM500 single mattress that I have just bought for him.

This is how each of us "sleep". :p

How about me then? Well...I am sleeping right at the "bottom" of my wife and babies. Yep...right below their legs. The main reason why I placed my bed "strategically" at the bottom of the 2 beds is to cushion  my son from falling off his bed just in case if he rolls like crazy in his dream. LOL :D My Jordan boy really loves how the beds are arranged. Sometimes he will just throw himself onto the beds because he knows they are soft. There are even story books on his bed. He will read them whenever he is on his bed. So it is like a wonderland for him to play.

My queens will be sleeping on this queen-size mattress.

This is my prince's bed.

Yupe. We have a lot of babies posters.

I even put up glow-in-the dark stars and love.

We put some books and toys on Jordan's bed for him to play.

So this is our humble little room is. It is the sanctuary where the 4 of us seek refuge every single night. I have always believe that a bedroom is a spiritual place for us to rest and relax. It is a place that I can be close with my loved ones. It is a place where I spend a lot of priceless moments with my wife and babies. We sing and play every day in this special little room of ours. Our bedroom...our haven...

Jordan boy leafing through his books. :)

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