Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Wife-We Have Been Married Since 2006

2006 were the year my wife and I "tied our knot". Well...the "knot" I am talking here is not our registration of marriage (2009) but rather the day we embraced each other into our lives. My wife and I have been married since the day we got together. Sounds weird right? You see...before my wife accepted me...I actually told her this, "I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life! Can you be my wife and grow old with me." She nodded and the rest is history. I am glad that my wife is willing to be with me.

I will always be yours. :D

You see. All my life...when I was pursuing a girlfriend...I wanted a girl to agree to be my wife. Not many girls are willing to say I do and simply settle down with a guy that easily right? It was like almost impossible to find such a girl until I met my wife 6 years ago. She believes that I will be her good husband; She believes that I will be a great father to our children and more importantly she believes that the both of us can hold each others' hands tightly and grow old together. And I believe that I will be that everything she believes in. I am grateful to have you in my live, truly I do. I will always love you.

~I am glad that we have been blissfully married for 6 years and counting~

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