Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Jordan Says NO To Added Sugars!

Nowadays more and more of our food and drinks are being laid with those unnecessary, added sugars. This happened because a lot of businessmen wanted to earn more profit in short period of time. These malice people substituted some the ingredients in our food (including babies' milk) with the cheaper added sugars so that they can squeeze out more profit out of us! They don't care if we end up being obese; They won't be bothered if we become diabetic! So we, consumers should know our rights and reject all these JUNK products! Say no to added sugars right now.

Don't worry. There are not added sugars. :D

Yupe! Corn Syrup Solids are also added sugars.

Correct. Glucose syrup solids are the same as corn syrup solids = added sugars.

Sucrose = Added sugars. :)

Yay! You are drinking healthy milk. :)

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