Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is This How You Look Like When You Wake Up On Sunday?

It is Sunday and it is usually an off day for most of us right? So what time do you wake up on Sunday? The usual time you pull yourselves out of the bed on weekdays? Or you pamper yourselves a bit more on this special day of the week by cuddling in your bed slightly longer than usual? As for me...I can't remember when was the last time I got to sleep till 8:30a.m. Most of the time I would be woken up by either my son or daughter...or both. This morning son "alarmed" me at 6a.m. Haha :D So how did I look like...when my son woke me up? Something like this...

Photobucket's time to wake up darling.

Wakey~wakey~Jordan boy.

Haha :D Why? You don't like daddy & mommy to wake you up?

Like my son (he was 9 months old when the photos were taken)...maybe I don't like to wake up early on Sunday....but I have to. If not who will be playing with him? It seems like my babies will wake up earlier on Sunday because they know both their parents are not working. Then we will have our morning stroll together. After that he will take his bath and breakfast...which is milk again. Then...then it's playtime the whole day for them. Ha :D So are you still sound asleep on this lovely Sunday morning? Rise and shine now everyone.

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