Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 3 Masked Riders of Petronas AHM Team

This will be my third posts about heroes on 2 wheels. Earlier on I have introduced Ben Spies aka Elbowz to you. Then I flew to Barcelona to "interview" Jorge Lorenzo...both are riders from foreign countries. Today, for my third posts about Petronas Motorsports, we will be meeting our very own homegrown 3 heroes. Meet the 3 "Masked Riders": Zamri Baba, Ramdan Rosli and Hafieenaz Ali from Petronas Syntium Moto Yamaha AHM team. Wow...what a long name for a team huh! Ha :D

Zamri Baba

Ramdan Rosli

Hafieenaz Ali

So today I am going to share with you an exclusive interview between the 3 of them with the hot Julie Woon at Sunway Lagoon. It is an interesting interview where they talked about how their lives have changed for the better to be professional riders. One of them even claimed that Sepang is not challenging enough for them. Serious? Besides that do you know that one of them is ONLY 15 years old? he doesn't have a valid driving license and yet he is blazing the tracks in competitions? So who is this young valiant rider? Watch the video to find out.

Watch, listen & read closely. :D

So now do you know who is the so-called young "illegal" rider? Ha :D Only 15 and he is tasting the adrenaline rush while burning the tyre? Interesting right? I think I am still riding my mountain bike at that age *shame*. To know more about our very own heroes do watch the video (above). Support our hometown riders! Don't forget to like the Petronas Motorsports Facebook page ok. Stay tuned for more interesting interviews. Hmm...I wonder when I can talk about heroes on 4 wheels...hmm...

Vrroooommm....go go Petronas!

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