Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Send Maybank's Chinese New Year Ecards Now!

Chinese New Year is like only 5 days away! Are you ready folks? Have you bought all your new year clothes? How about tidbits and beverages? Put up all the lanterns and those red decorations? How about Chinese New Year greeting cards to be sent to your friends and relatives, especially those staying far, far away? What? You haven't bought your greeting cards yet? Fret not. You can still send them an E-Card to express your warmest Chinese New Year regards and best wishes via Maybank's Facebook App. So rest assured that those whom you care can still be touched by you during this festive season.

Train you Golden Lion!

Unlike those typical greeting cards, with this Maybank E-card your receivers will be entertained with colourful backgrounds, music and guess what? You can send your very own troupe lion dance via this e-card! What's more? The lion dance moves will actually be choreographed by you! How cool is that right? I am sure your recipients will be shocked when they read your ecards with all your "Golden Lion" popping here and there to the beats of the drum. LOL :D If your Golden Lion is trained properly, it might even win you a RM250 Ang Pow. Hurry up~tong~tong~chiang~right now!


So I am considered to be smart lar? :D

Notice the Fortune Cookie?

Besides that you can also have a FREE forecast for your new Dragon Year. With Zodiac Mash Up you will know what the year will bring you. The best part is this forecast (like its name) is a combination of Chinese and Western Zodiac. So how can your 2012 go wrong with readings from both worlds? I checked mine and now only I realized that I am a GeminOX (coined from Gemini & Ox). Pretty awesome. I love my forecast for this year. Not bad at all. try it folks. Ouh...yeah...if you are feeling lucky, clicking on the fortune cookie might win you an RM50.00 Petrol Voucher.

Who wants Ang Pow?

Last but not least you can also learn some facts about Chinese New Year which you can use to show off in front of your friends and relatives. Now you will appear to be brainier during Chinese New Year. This certainly bodes well for your suitors aye? So head over to Maybank's Chinese New Year Facebook App to try all 3 cool features right now. Have fun ok. Last but not least Happy Chinese New Year in advance to all my blog readers. :)

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