Saturday, January 14, 2012

Come~Hold Daddy's Hand & Go Walk Walk

Jordan boy is 18 months old now. I can't believe that he is going to be 2 years old soon. Right now he is considered to be a good walker. Well...he has just started walking these recent weeks. Yupe...Jordan boy is a bit late, when it comes to walking...just like his old man-me. Jordan is a late bloomer and now he can run a bit. Of course we still have to be around him all the time to prevent him from falling down, knocking himself all over his body especially his huge head. LOL :D

"Daddy~help me to put on my shoe-shoe!"

Every day, the moment little Jordan likes the most is when we bring him out for his walk. Usually it will be evening walk. When we wake up earlier on weekends, he will be enjoying his morning stroll, with Mr. Sunny accompanying him for his 15 minutes walk. So the moment I opened our iron gate, he will storm to the door and sit down. He will then look at his shoes and wait for me to put them on for him. I would then hold both his hands and help him to stand up...and voila he will be pulling me and rushes to the "wild". Ha :D

OK. Sit still while daddy is putting on your shoes.

Done~are you ready Jordan boy?

To little Jordan, walking to the HUGE world outside is really something he relishes every single time. It is the time when he explores the world on his own. He enjoys waving his hands to our neighbours; He likes playing the swing with me; He loves kicking the ball with his little feet and most importantly our little Jordan savors his leaves-kicking and stepping moment to the MAX! He can kick the same leaf like for 5 minutes. Ha :D

Daddy~let's go walk-walk.

PRICELESS-Holding the hand of my little Jordan.

Most of the time he won't want me to hold his hand as he insists that he wants to walk on his own. Of course I will be very, very close to him. I will cherish every single moment when I am holding his little hand, walking round our neighbourhood. Seeing him, trying his best to be independent makes me miss him so much. I fear he is growing up too soon... Then again it shows that my little Jordan is healthy and happy. That is all that matters right? Come~Jordan boy~let's go walk-walk. :)

Daddy will always hold your hand and walk beside you...

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