Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"My" iPad2 Actually Belongs To My...

Still remember that some time ago I deliberately flaunted an iPad, saying that the Apple iPad 2 will be at my disposal for forever? I told you that I would be toying with this iPad 2 for years to come as it was given as a present. But what I didn't tell you is that this iPad does not belong to me at all. Even though I am playing with it most of the time, this iPad 2 is not mine. Shocking? So can you tell who is the rightful owner of this coveted Apple tablet computer-iPad? Can you make a lucky guess? Let's find out...

Is this your iPad 2 Jordan boy?

Is it yours wifey?

Or is it my daddy's iPad?

This iPad 2 belongs to my....*drum roll* father. Yes~my daddy is the rightful owner of this iPad 2. Are your surprised to know this truth? Ha :D My eldest brother bought this iPad 2 for my father after he merely mentioned about him playing my cousin's iPad the other day. My brother with huge paycheque, being a filial son, immediately got one for my father. My brother got this iPad 2 for my father for him to play games. How cool is that right? :p

My daddy playing game on his iPad 2.

My daddy is embracing technology. :)

My daddy, is of course, enjoying his latest gadget. Whenever he is free, he would be sitting down and start to exercise his fingers on the iPad 2 screen. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja~you name it and I think my father is playing one of them. Imagine~a 61 years old uncle who is riding a bike owns an iPad 2. Even I don't have iPad 2. Haha :D Do you own an iPad 2? Ok...that's all for now. I wanna score some goals in Fifa 2012 on my (father's) iPad 2.

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