Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Tina The Tiger-Grooowwwl!

Yesterday I showed you little Jasmine's very first toy-Kerry the Fairy. Today I am going to show you Jordan's boy....well...not his very first toy...I think this must be like his 30th or 40th toy. Please welcome Tina The Tiger. Like Kerry the Fairy, Tina the Tiger also hails from the land of Lamaze. I must say that the toys made by Lamaze are of high quality and very educational for babies and toddlers. Wanna know why I got another toy for Jordan boy even though he has a few baskets of toys to play with? That is because I have promised him to buy one new toy when he recovered from his sickness the other day.

Tina the fierce Tiger!

I have always wanted to buy this Tiger for Jordan boy when I went to shopping with my wife. But again and again she stopped me from buying it, insisting that Jordan has too many toys to play with already. "It would be a waste of money," my wife claimed. So the other day I went to Jusco alone and bought it as my wife couldn't stop me anymore due to her confinement. Muahahahaha :D I bought Tina the Tiger because it represents little Jordan who was born in the year of the Tiger. So in other words his latest toy actually symbolizes my little Tiger. Groowwl! :p

Jordan boy inspecting his new toy.

Adorable. Look at the tooth.

Clinking rings~cling~cling

Bell-in-the-ball. :D

I like Tina's colourful 2 feet. :D

Pull its tail and it will vibrate. :D

Don't you think Tina the Tiger is adorable? I like its innocent-looking face with a fang protruding out of its smile. Tina holds clicking rings on its right hand and a ball with a bell inside of it on its left hand. But what really make Tina special is its tail that vibrates when you pull it. Haha :D Little Jordan is of course dumbfound with this special ability of Tina. So far little Jordan has not really got use to his new Tiger friend. But still I am hoping that he will keep this toy with him until he is old. Growl~:)

Yes. Now Tina sleeps with Jordan all the time. :D

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