Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kerry The Fairy-Little Jasmine's Very First Toy

They say every newborn baby should have a new toy. That's why I bought one brand new toy for my little Jasmine. Yes, I know she has plenty of toys to share with little Jordan...but still I think it is special for Jasmine to have a new toy call her own. :) So today I went to Jusco to find that suitable toy for my little Jasmine. After fiddling from one rack to another...I had finally found a toy that is not only adorable but feminine enough for my darling daughter.

Meet Kerry. :D

Meet Kerry The Fairy. Aww...I really love this plushie toy from Lamaze. I think this little fairy is just too cute. Spotting 2 ponytails with 4 colorful wings, Kerry's huge dreamy eyes will surely attract Jasmine. Besides I thought Lamaze has designed Kerry so well that she looks very innocent. Hopefully the rattle will, like Lamaze claimed stimulate little Jasmine's auditory attention. Hopefully little Jasmine will like this little fair of hers. :)
What magic can Kerry do. :p

I love Kerry's innocent look.

Lovable rattle.

Look at her wings. So...many patterns. :p

Promise that you will take care of my daughter ok?

I have already placed little Jasmine's very first toy beside her, in the cot. I hope she will "get to know" Kerry as they will be seeing each other very often now. So today is a very special day for Jasmine as this is the very first time she received a gift from her daddy-me. "You are 2 weeks old now, Jasmine~girl. Daddy hope you will love this toy and bring it to where ever you go. Can?" I wish my daughter will still keep this toy when she is 21 years old. :)

Ah~Min must take care of Kerry as well OK? :)

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