Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jordan Driving On His Own In The Shopping Mall

Some time ago before my wife had to be admitted to the hospital's labor room to deliver our little Jasmine, we went to Jusco to have our dinner and do some shopping. In fact I think we went there a day before I sent her to the hospital. I remembered we even had Sushi King for our dinner. LOL :D After filling our tummy we scrumptuous Sashimi Sakana, we had a stroll to ease our bloated stomach. That was when we saw a "car" that little Jordan can drive on his own. So I left my ID to lease that car for our baby Jordan to drive. Ha :D

My wife pushing little Jordan around in his car. LOL :D

Little Jordan was totally overjoyed to be in a car...finally being his own driver. After I had fasten his safety belt, I could see that he was very happy. He was all smiles and keep on sticking out his tongue to show us how much enjoyed  driving a car. Maybe it was his first time being in a "safe car". You know in this car, he didn't have to move it with his two feet. He had a chauffeur-his mommy to push him around. So all little Jordan had to do was "drive". He really enjoyed spinning his steering round~round and round. I hope he wouldn't do this when he obtains his driving license. :p

Look at how little Jordan is focused on his driving.

When you wanna drive us Jordan boy?


and spin~

What button are you looking for?

Jordan boy looking at incoming "traffic" before crossing...


Do you like this car?

Watch how little Jordan drove his car. Vrroom~

We realize that our Jordan boy loves anything with wheels and steering. That was why he loved sitting in this car. He sat still for almost an hour without wanting to get out of it nor making any noises. Hence my wife and I could really do our shopping easily without needing to carry him all the time. So next time around when we are here again, we know what we should let Jordan do-drive his car. :)

Ok. It's time to return this car Jordan~boy... :p

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