Monday, November 28, 2011

He Drove 1000KM To See His Grandchildren

Will you drive 500km to go to one place and then traveled another 500km back to where you came from in less than 24 hours? That was exactly what my father-in-law did last Saturday. He embarked on his journey from the City of Rain-Taiping, and drove all the way down, South to Malacca at around 2:30p.m. Then on Sunday he returned to Taiping at 2:00p.m. All in less than 24 hours. My father-in-law drove 1,000KM just to see his 2 grandchildren-Jordan & Jasmine. That's a grandpa's unwavering love to his 2 little angels.

Grandpa and his 2 little angels.

My father-in-law was here to meet his newborn granddaughter for the very first time. So it was little Jasmine's maiden encounter with "Gong Gong". My father-in-law was of course overjoyed when he met Jasmine girl. I could see joy in his eyes when he cradled his granddaughter for the first time. After that my father-in-law turned to his beloved grandson whom he not seen for months. He immediately lifted little Jordan off the floor and hugged him. Aww...I bet he must have missed him a lot! :'(

Grandpa and little Jasmine.

Grandpa meeting little Jasmine for the first time.

A priceless moment. :D

On Sunday, after enjoying our lunch together, my father-in-law drove his 4wd car and headed up North again. It's a pity that my wife and I are staying far away from him. That is why we can't always see each other often. Honestly I feel bad about this and I can't help but agree that I "owe" my father-in-law big time. Hence I will always love and treat her daughter and grandchildren well. Besides I will try to go back to my second home as often as I can. So next time it is me who will be driving 1000KM. :)

Little Jasmine looking at her grandpa. :D

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