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2 Years Old Girl Rolled Over By 2 Trucks and None of the 16 Passers-by Helped Her!

Latest update (11:11p.m. 18th October 2011): The little girl...couldn't make it. She has been pronounced dead by the doctor. OMG! May you rest in peace. I am sure He is by your side protecting you.

By blood boils when I heard about this tragic news happening in our world. Damn! A 2 years old toddler girl was rolled over by 2 trucks and while she was struggling in pain....none of the 16 passers-by wanted to help her at all! Altogether 18 of these people (including 2 truck drivers) are fu*king bastards! Do you know where this inhuman event took place? China. It seems that Chinese (from China) people are getting more and more selfish and immoral these days. It's such a shame to know that I am actually a Chinese...but thank goodness I am a Malaysian. :(

The poor 2 years old girl was knocked down by this white van!

*Updated: The driver of this vehicle actually called and apologized saying that he didn't "see" the girl. The culprit told the parents that he was willing to pay for the "compensation" which was a few thousands RMB, but he refused to lodge a police report and surrender himself. I think he is just a chicken-hearted bastard! So the girl's life is only worth a few thousand bucks? Coward!

We have already been disgusted by the greedy Chinese (in China) who tainted the milk products for their own gain; We have heard grouses from tourists who were cheated by the Chinese (in China) traders who exchanged the goods that they have bought with sub-standards stuff. But I have never, ever thought that the Chinese people in China can be so, so, so, so damn fu*king inhumane! After viewing this horrific video...I can't help but feel that the Chinese people over there are barbaric. is a bad generalization...but know that there were 18 of these Chinese people who just walked pass and ignored the poor dying girl, reaffirms my belief that they are SELFISH bastards!




None of these passers-by stop to help this poor little baby girl.

You see this poor little baby girl...she is only 2 years old, was wandering around on a backstreet in Foshan. A  white van was approaching her...then instead of slowing just rammed over the poor little girl! It was not that she was on floor OK! The poor little, clueless girl was walking and the driver deliberately knocked her down and rolled over her! So you wanna tell me the driver is blind? How about the other 16 passers-by? A mother who was holding her daughter saw this poor little girl who was struggling on the floor...and yet didn't even stop to help her?

Then another huge vehicle...rolled over her again... :'(

Worse still...another huge truck came and rolled over the poor girl. OMG! Imagine a 2 years old poor, helpless girl, critically injured, dying...lying on the floor helplessly hoping that someone would help her...for more than 10 minutes none of the 16 passers-by helped her including the bitch woman with a daughter! In the end...I think God, Himself, sent an old woman who happened to be a dishwasher to help her. If you watched the video carefully, when the old lady was trying to help would have seen that the little girl's body is BROKEN...all her bones are broken...her weight cannot be supported by her own bones anymore. What a sad sight.

Why didn't this mother help the poor little girl?

It is frightening to know this is happening. Why can't 16 of the passers-by just stop for awhile, take out their mobile phones and call the police or the ambulance? Why? Because these Chinese people from China are damn fu*king selfish! I hope all of these people go to hell! I hope God curses these heartless Chinese people with disasters. This tragic accident happened in Foshan one week ago on the 11th of October 2011. The girl is now in hospital. Her condition is critical. I hope God will have mercy on her and her family.

If you can't view this video, go to this link.

I am really, really scared right now you know. I am father, myself. What if this happen to my own children. What if your little girl is the one who had been rolled over by 2 trucks. Thank God I am not a Chinese in China. I am glad that I am a Malaysian where people here are kind and warm. Malaysians are people with hearts of gold. I am proud to live in my own country. And yes...I am never, ever going to set my foot in my ancestral land (China) again. For now...let us all pray for the poor little girl...

P.S.: Even my colleague who is from China admitted that Chinese people there are really selfish!

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