Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tree Climbing Goats In Morroco?

I am quite fascinated with goats. Maybe it is because me, myself has this goatee stuck to my face...that's why. Ha :D Do you still remember I blogged about the Spider-Goats which can climb a near-vertical 160 feet damn in  Italy? Today I am going to share with you yet another amazing feat about goats. These goats that you will be reading possess the same ability as their distant cousins in Italy. Yes~these Morrocon goats can climb just like those wall-crawling Spider-Goats. But unlike those Spider-Goats, they don't climb wall. Instead they love to climb trees. Wanna know why?

What do you see? A Tree? Then what are on top of this tree?

You must be wondering why these goats would want to climb trees right? For what? To evade from predators and humans? Because they enjoy admiring the scenery from the top of the tree? Or is it because they sleep on the tree just like the Na'vi people in Avatar? Why? A~ha! The reason why they take all the trouble climbing up the trees is because they want to eat. Apparently these native Tamri goats in Morroco love the berries of Argan Trees so much that they have become so skillful in climbing the branches to reach their food. Wow...can't they eat something else that doesn't need any climbing? Beats me.

Yikes! Who put all these goats on the tree?

Suddenly they look like birds nestled on top of the tree. :p

Hmm...which berries should I eat?

How about this one. Mmm...Mmmm....yummy.

Look at how adept this goat is at tree-climbing.

They say start them young aye. Climb a short tree first.

Ok. Now how do they get down?

Easy-peasy. Just jump!

Photobucket happy family tree. Say cheese~:D

Amazing right? I can't really imagine how goats can climb trees. So now I should be calling them Monkey-Goats? Ha :D Wait...there is something even stranger that I am about to tell you...ready? Do you know that farmers actually take the droppings of these goats to cook? OMG! You see, after consuming those argan berries, the goats' droppings contain seed kernels that will be ground into oil that is used in cooking and cosmetics. I guess Morrocon food must have tasted really exotic aye. :p

Good bye tree climbing goats. :)

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