Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Top 20 Most Commented Posts

Have you ever wonder which posts of mine are the most popular so far? I could have evaluated my posts based on traffic, but I decided that the most popular posts should be the ones with the most number of comments. Every day at least one thousand readers have visited my blog via search engines. But that doesn't mean all of them will leave me a comment on the posts that they have landed on. If they do, it means those posts have provided them with value and hence comments are being made. So IMHO, the top posts on my blog should simply means blog posts that receive the most number of blog comments. Do you agree with this view of mine?

Most Popular = Most Comments.

The more popular a post is, the more comments it will receive. If the posts that you write receive a lot of comments from your readers (both loyal and accidental), it means your posts have generated a lot of buzz and interest. In other words, your posts have successfully intrigued your readers to react and leave their comments. Thus a popular post can be defined as a post that receive a lot of reactions (be it comments, tweets, FB likes etc.) from all the readers. So are you guys ready to find out the Top 20 Most Commented Posts on my blog?

Were you surprised with the Top 20 of My Most Popular Posts shown above? Even I was surprised initially...but they are indeed the Top 20 most commented posts out of the 1054 posts (correct as of 4th of September 2011) that I have written so far. Are you one of my long-time, loyal readers who have read all of the above 20 posts? If there are posts that you haven't read before, please feel free to read them to find out why so many people have actually commented on them. And ouh leave a comment or two while you are here. LOL :D

P.S.: This Top 20 Most Commented Posts List will be automatically updated thanks to Intense Debate. :)

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