Monday, September 5, 2011

Hari Raya Open House @ Ah Tan's House

I believe a lot of us Malaysians are still in Hari Raya or holiday mode right? Our Muslim friends who traveled hundreds of miles back home to celebrate this joyous festival must have felt that the holidays were a bit too short aye. Don't feel like going to work tomorrow, do you? It's OK. Time flies and in no time it will be Hari Raya again. Remember the good times that you had with your family and friends; Remember the good food that you had after fasting for the whole it will only be fitting if I post something about Hari Raya Aidilfitri in my blog right?

Toothsome chicken curry.

During our last visit back home to Taiping, we actually had the opportunity to attend one of our friends' Hari Raya Open House. We very generously invited by Ah Tan to have a Hari Raya feast in his home. Still remember Ah Tan whom I mentioned previously in My Very First Authentic Thai Laksa in Taiping? We were there during Chinese New must be wondering how come Ah Tan celebrates both Chinese New Year and Hari Raya right? Ah Tan who is a Chinese Thais was brought up by his God Mother who is of a Muslim family when he was young. That's why his whole family celebrates Hari Raya as well. Very 1 Malaysia right? LOL

Redly-cooked chicken.

The vibrantly yellow Lontong.

Photobucket Hari Raya is complete without Ketupat right?

These are different type of Ketupat. They were made of glutinous rice.

Tomato rice.

My favourite dish-Rendang!

Although this Hari Raya open house was meant to be a simple one, we were quite astonished to be served with quite a lot of good food. My apologies that I couldn't snap all the glorious food with my camera as it ran out of juice. Hence the photos you see in this post were all captured using my Nokia E72 which certainly didn't justify what the food actually looks like in reality. My bad... :'( Altogether there were around 7 dishes of mouth-watering food. We had chicken curry, "Ayam Masak Merah" (Rec-cooked chicken), rendang, lontong, ketupat, tomato rice and "kuih dakap" (hugging cake). All of them were simply appetizing but my favourite has got to be flavorsome rendang. Yummy :D

My first time eating "kuih dakap" aka Hugging Cake
I understand that this delicacy comes from Thailand.

It is made from glutinous rice. Wanna what's inside of it?

It's banana. I guess that's why it is known as Hugging Cake?
Because the banana is being "hugged" (wrapped) by the glutinous rice. :)

I wish I had snapped more photos to be shown here. Too bad I was simply too busy taking care of little Jordan and of course busy stuffing all those delicious food into my mouth. So again I would like to thank Ah Tan for his warmest Hari Raya Open House invitation and hospitality. It really made our day. My father-in-law, wifey and her sister really enjoyed all the food as they ate quite a lot. Haha :D Not forgetting our chef-Ah Tan's mother, for cooking all those savoury Malay cuisine for us.

Our chef-Ah Tan's mother. :)

P.S.: While we were busy eating, Ah Tan's mother helped us to take care of little Jordan. Can you tell what he was chewing? :p

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