Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7 Different Chocolates For Me To Eat

As you have already known, yours, truly me is a chocoholic. Yes, apart from my daily dose of coffee, I also love chocolate a lot. Must be in my genes I guess. Why? Because besides me, my whole family also loves this "food of God". Then again I guess all of us love it right? :p From time to time, I will be chewing on bars of chocolate. Ok...bars sound a bit too much. How about small pieces? In other words, my refrigerator is always "full" of chocolates. One of us will always replenish our chocolate supply.

Who wants chocolates?

What brands of Chocolate do you love? Personally I love Cadbury. Vochelle is good but not as good as Cadbury. How about Ferrero Rocher? Nah~I think it has been overrated. Instead I don't mind taking a break anytime with Kit Kat. Yesterday my wife and I went to Jusco to buy some chocolates to prevent ourselves from "starving". Here are the chocolates that we have bought. Now I have 7 different chocolates to eat. We one should I start snacking on first?

Cadbury Chocettes-TimeOut. :)

"Dark" Macadamia.

For fruity, nutty lovers.

Hmm...why it is called Black Forest?

Who wants to be on Cloud 9?

Toblerone. Perfectly triangular. :)

You will love to Mousse around now.

They say a bar of chocolate a day, keeps the doctor away. Is it true? Haha :D That's why I eat chocolate almost every day. How about you? Do you have a habit of eating chocolate from time to time? Do you feel the need to have chocolate supply within your reach? If yes you can considered yourself to be a chocoholic. :p I guess that's all from me for now. I need to eat some chocolate now. Nom~nom~nom. :)

Can you tell which is my favourite?

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