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UniFi Is Here In Malacca But It Is EXPENSIVE!

The moment we, Malaccans, have been waiting for is finally here. Telekom Malaysia's High Speed Broadband-UniFi is finally in Malacca. Yes! Last Friday (29th of July) marked the advent of our country's largest fibre optic broadband network in an opening ceremony inaugurated by Malacca's Chief Minister-Ali Rustam. Actually TM has already started rolling out their UniFi here in Malim on the 15th of July. TM plans to offer their high speed broadband service to at least 5,600 households and premises in 15 different housing areas in Malacca by the end of this year. Wow...sounds good huh!


UniFi was our country's very first HSBB (High-Speed Broadband) to be conceived by our government 2 years ago. Back then UniFi was planned to increase our country's broadband penetration and at the same time offer us-the ordinary Malaysians, premium internet connection at an affordable price. So far TM's UniFi has really helped increase our country's broadband penetration tremendously and has delivered in terms of the speed. However UniFi has failed to deliver us affordable high speed broadband.

Yep! Our Chief Minister welcomed UniFi!

Don't get me wrong all you UniFi users or TM's ardents fans! UniFi has really FAILED to offer affordable high speed broadband for ordinary people like me. We are not bargaining for ridiculously cheap fees to use UniFi. I know TM has invested a lot of money to provide this so-called premium broadband to all of us. But in order to enjoy UniFi, one must fork out at least RM150 every month doesn't sound affordable to me. Only a handful, maybe 10 or 20% of the 28 millions Malaysians can afford to use UniFi.

HSBB should be made available to the people right?

TM is currrently offeing UniFi in 3 different packages: VIP5 (RM149), VIP10 (RM199) and VIP20 (RM249). UniFi will surely appeal to those from the high Per Capita Income urban areas such as KL, Penang and Johor. To them, UniFi is considered cheap. But how about the rest of us? IMHO, UniFi is a relatively EXPENSIVE broadband service that is not affordable to the majority of us. I know TM has invested billions but this is not the way to break even. The "cheapest" UniFi package is RM149...so tell me if this is anything near what we call affordable?

The 3 different "EXPENSIVE" UniFi packages.

With RM149 per month, a UniFi subscriber can enjoy 5Mbps of transfer rate and 60GB of download per month. Why can't TM bring down the price of UniFi by reducing the download quota? Obviously TM wants to charge the average consumers exorbitant fees for something that they might not even use at all. I don't think all UniFi subscribers max up their download quota every month huh! Can't TM make UniFi available and affordable to people who don't download movie like me? I don't mind paying RM88 for 10GB of download quota and I doubt if I can even reach 9GB. :/

I really do wanna experience UniFi!

It's a shame that our government is not doing anything to rectify this issue. TM should at least provide us, consumers with more affordable packages like what I have suggested earlier on (RM88 for 10GB etc.). I can't help but feel that we have been deprived of using this High-Speed Broadband that our government has promised us! Besides...why is Streamyx's prices are still relatively "expensive" even though UniFi has been introduced? Don't even mention about the poor services.

UniFi should restudy the packages that they are offering right now.

So for the time being...I don't think I will have that privilege to try out the expensive UniFi. Besides you need to be tied down for 2 years if you want to use UniFi. Wanna know what's the termination fee UniFi has imposed for you to be bailed out-RM500! So if UniFi is not working as promised you will be stuck...for 2 years. P1 and YES sound way more affordable to me. I have tried YES and it is really, really damn fast. I am waiting for YES to expand its coverage here in Malacca. I hope TM is reading this post right now. :)

I am hopeful that I can use UniFi one day!

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