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YES Is Really The Fastest 4G Mobile Internet

Still remember I passionately blogged about how excited I was to know about the advent of YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet? Back then I was so eager to try this so-called revolutionary mobile broadband that I literally could not sleep. I followed all the latest news and buzz about YES up to its launching. I was told that YES would cover a large part of Malacca and this got me really, really crazy. So when it was launched I immediately check the YES coverage to see if I can use the fastest mobile internet in Malaysia. I typed in my address and the result were negative. That certainly ruined my whole day...

Yes! Finally I am using YES!

So one week ago I checked to see if my house would be covered...guess what? YES! YTL YES says...well...yes to me. Haha :D I was so happy that I almost screamed while checking the result in my office. Finally I would be able to use YTL YES 4G mobile internet. Hence I looked up for the nearest YES dealer to get my very own YES 4G USB dongle. I managed to get myself YES GO for RM99 and it was pre-loaded with YES  RM68 valuepack.

Now I can use 4G mobile internet.

Actually the YES GO USB dongle was meant to be a complimentary gift for Acer Laptop buyer. Ha :D I thought it was a steal as I would be getting RM68 worth of Valuepack. This RM68 YES Valuepack will give you 3.5GB of mobile internet, free 150 minutes of calls and free 150 SMS. Talking about value for each cent of yours huh! If you were to compare it with the other mobile broadband providers, you will know how huge the difference is. Imagine how much money you can save in 1 year if you use YES. Have a look at this comparison chart.

Photobucket is actually a free gift to Acer laptop buyer. :p

Inside: the device which will elevate me from 3.5G to 4G. Ha :D

But what really sets YES 4G apart from its competitor is its super speed. 4G is supposed to be way faster compared to 3G or 3.5G right? Hence I ran a test using YTL YES 4G broadband to gauge its speed in my office. I was indoor and my office happens to be located on the third floor. Can you guess what's the fastest download speed I managed to register with the broadband test? Here goes *drum roll* The fastest download speed I managed to get using YTL YES 4G is an amazing 8.02Mbps! The average download speed (from 5 different tests) is 6.1Mbps. Now that is what we call speed! So wanna say YES?

My YES GO 4G USB dongle.

It is a 270 degrees flexi-hinge dongle which allows maximum flexibility.

It's time to plug and play.

YES! I am in.

Unfortunately...I couldn't get that kind of "luxurious speed" back at my home. Although YES has claimed that my home is currently covered in their "blue blanket", the broadband test that I have run certainly proved otherwise. YES could only churn out a disappointing download speed of 0.46Mbps. So only around 400Kbps? What a huge let down. Maybe my home is located in a rather "hulu" area, hence YES sees no rational in expanding its network here.

8.20Mbps-that's the top download speed in my office. :)

But for those of you Malaccans who want to use YTL YES 4G mobile broadband, I strongly recommend you to...but first thing first you have to make sure your area is really, really covered. There are 2 reasons why you should use YTL YES 4G mobile internet: Speed & Value. I would have switched to YES if my home is really, really covered by YES. Then again I am happy to be using YES 4G mobile internet in my office rather than relying on the company's slow broadband. Hopefully one day YES will come to my home. YES? :)

Hopefully YTL YES will be covering the whole Malacca soon. YES?

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