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Instanet-Your Instant, Cheap & Easy Internet

Let me ask you this question: Can you live without your internet? Relatively speaking can you live a day or two without access to the world wide web, emails, blogging, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube? If you are reading this right now...most likely the answer is that you CANNOT live without your internet. Face it: Most of us (including me), we cannot live without our connection to the virtual world right? It's like it is part of our life now. Internet has become part of our existence especially we bloggers and social medialist!

Can I use the phone? I must get connected all the time!

I dare say that we have evolved into a rather sophisticated social creatures which rely heavily on the internet to feed our daily insatiable desire and need to stay connected. All of us have this urge to get online to check our emails, post comments on our Facebook walls or even reply tweets. So do you agree that you will feel "naked" if you are internet-LESS? Now tell me...have you been in situations where you really need to get online but just couldn't no matter how hard you try because your broadband is down? Or maybe you telco's signal cannot be detected? Worry no more as Instanet is here. Instanet is the ideal solution to every network emergency and every need.

Introducing the latest prepaid broadband in town-Instanet!

Instanet is the latest mobile broadband solution that I have discovered to fill the gap that we are experiencing right now. So what is Instanet? Simply put~Instanet is your no frills, no hassle, ready to go internet access. With Instanet all you need to do to get your connected to the internet instantly is with an easy no-brainer registration. Bet of all Instanet boasts not only the widest coverage in Malaysia but it is also CHEAP! That's what we call affordable mobile internet right?


Instanet is simply the awesome-st mobile prepaid broadband in the town right now! Here's another reason for you to choose Instanet! With Instanet, you have the flexibility to use it on the days you choose, whether daily, weekly of monthly. This means no commitment is required at all from you part. How cool is that? So now you only need to pay for the days, weeks or even months that you are using Instanet. No fixed monthly fees! No penalties whatsoever.

Wanna how cheap Instanet is? Click on the above chart to see the comparison!

How I wish I can have Instanet back in my university years where I am not fully "covered". I used to rely heavily on Wifi while doing my assignments back then. But when I was back in my own hostel...there was no internet connection at all. How bad is that right? So I am sure Instanet which is mobile can be a great compliment to your existing broadband solutions. Here's some good news folks: Instanet currently comes with some great promotions:
  1. Instanet Prepaid Pack + Modem for only RM108. You will get a SIM card, USB Modem and RM10 preloaded credit.
  2. Instanet Prepaid Pack: for only RM12.50. You will get a SIM card and RM10 preloaded credit.
  3. RM30 for Instanet Monthly (usual price RM50) but offer is only valid until 15th of July 2011.


I believe I have said enough about Instanet. If you are looking for a reliable mobile broadband with superior coverage and at the same offers you great value for your every ringgit, then look no more. Because Instanet is the mobile prepaid broadband that you will ever need. Besides being unbelievably affordable, Instanet will never ever tie you down with any unnecessary commitments and hidden penalties. For more information visit your nearest Blue Cube Outlet or Celcom Authorised Dealers Nationwide. Likewise you can check Instanet out at

Like its tag line~Instanet is your no frills, no hassle, ready to go internet! :)

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