Friday, May 20, 2011

My Dough Vinci & Chocolate Cookie Latte

I have eaten like more than 100 of  Big Apple donuts (OK...maybe not that many) and yet I have never ever allowed my butt to warm one of the chairs in the only Big Apple store in Malacca-Dataran Pahlawan. Usually we will only stop by for awhile to grab a dozen of donuts and leave. My experience with Big Donut has always been a Touch and Go one until...that fateful day. That very day my wife and I decided that we should really sit down, bite on one these sweet donuts and savoringly sip their coffee.

A great place for those with sweet tooth.

Initially my wife and I wanted to have our usual  heavenly cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu at Secret Recipe...but then both of us agreed to head over to Big Apple which is just opposite of Secret Recipe. I am glad we finally gave Big Apple a try. If not I wouldn't be able to bask in Big Apple's ambiance and more importantly I managed to sip their specially brewed coffee. So have you ever dined in Big Apple before? :)

There were so many donuts to be chosen...

But I only want the one on my left.

So what did I order in Big Apple? No they are not selling apples. Of course I ordered a donut for myself. There were so many donuts "drooling" to be picked by me. I had a hard time trying to decide which one should meet my taste buds until...I saw a donut which reminded me of Da Vinci Code. Ladies and gentlemen~come meet Dough Vinci, filled with Cappuccino Chocolate, Cappuccino fresh cream and white chocolate. Imagine stuffing this chocolatey coffee-licious donut into your mouth! taste buds were really tantalized!

Our latte and donut. :)

Of course the main reason I was in Big Apple was not because of the Dough Vinci donut. I was destined to be there that very moment to savour Big Apple's premium coffee. Behold...the smooth, aromatic Chocolate Cookie Latte, which is very gorgeous. Looks more like a cup of art right? This is my very first time tasting such brew of coffee. Every sip of it gave me an instant gush of "high" towards my brain. Likewise my beloved wifey had their green tea latte. Or was it peppermint? Hers was really good too!

My Dough Vinci & Chocolate Cookie Latte

Look at swirl on my Dough Vinci! So damn chocolatey!

Aww...I would love to have this again.

Honestly I enjoyed myself in Big Apple. My Dough Vinci and Chocolate Cookie Latte really dovetailed to give me an unforgettable experience. So if you happen to drop by in Dataran Pahlawan, why not try one of Big Apple's donuts and hot coffee? You might be in for a surprise. Don't take my word for it. Order your own Dough Vinci and Chocolate Cookie Latte to see if it is really good. :)

Big Apple-the only place where donuts grow on tree! Ha :D

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