Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grandpa Bought Little Jordan Play Mats

Little Jordan is one lucky baby. Why? Because he happens to be the first grandchild in both my wife and my family. What does this means? It means...little Jordan will be pampered to the max by his grandparents from both sides. Hopefully he will not be a spoiled brat! During our last visit back home to Taiping, Jordan's grandpa had a surprise in store for him. Grandpa actually bought little Jordan colourful play mat. back in our time we only have those normal straw mat. See how lucky little Jordan is? :p

Grandpa's naughty little Jordan. :D

Little Jordan play mat is so colourful and of course it will attract his attention. Actually little Jordan has not 1 but 2 different sets of play mat. One contains figures of animals while the other one has  numbers on them. I think grandpa is afraid little Jordan doesn't like either one of the play mats so he bought both. But I am sure little Jordan loves both of them. Not only the play mats are colorful, they are also soft. This means little Jordan can roll, crawl and play on his tender, soft play mat. :)

Mommy and auntie assembling little Jordan's play mats.

Little Jordan eagerly looked on his new toys.

Of course must touch and feel his new play mat right?

Haha :D See what little Jordan is trying to do?

Everyone was trying to teach little Jordan how to play with his new mat.

What is that animal little Jordan? :p

Comfortable or not? Can daddy sleep on your play mat?

Ok! Ok! Daddy know this play mat is yours. Don't need to stare. :p

Little Jordan was all eyes while his mommy and aunty were busy assembling his play mats. He wanted to ensure that mommy and aunty did their job well. Little Jordan was very happy the moment little Jordan made his first contact with his play mat. He felt them with his fingers, he touched them and he even wanted to took out those animal figures and numbers. Ha :D Then we placed him on the play mats to enjoy his new domain. Little Jordan enjoyed lying on them and was all smiles. For sure his new mats are comfortable. So don't forget to thank grandpa for buying you these play mat ok.

What you wanna tell  grandpa?
"Thank you Ah Kong for buying me this play mat. I love them." :)

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