Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Helped An Accident Victim Just Now...

Today was really a bad day for me. I was caught in the heavy rain for 25 minutes as I was riding my black horsy. Everything is drenched including my new shoes. :( Then something tragic happened just before my eyes just now. You see it was around 7.30pm. I went out to buy my wife a new lip balm. When I almost reached the supermarket I heard a vehicle skidding...followed by the shrieking of a vehicle trying in vain to do an emergency brake! Immediately I turned around and I saw 2 cars have stopped. A white Toyota had stopped in front of a red Proton Saga. Then badly crashed Yamaha bike can be seen just in front of the white car...

I tried my best to help...

"Where was the Yamaha rider?" I thought while parking my bike at the side of the road. The driver of the Toyota has got down while a few people have gathered to see what had happened. The driver then look underneath his car. I lowered my body and looked below the car...*gasp* I was horrified to know that the motorcyclist was actually pinned under the Toyota. Immediately around 7 of us used all our might to lift the car off the motorcyclist. We managed to move the heavy vehicle aside...but what followed next really wrenched my heart. :(

The poor motorcyclist was in a dreadful condition. From his posture I can say that he has fractured not only his hip but also his legs and worst of all...his backbone! I snapped out of the horrendous thought and dialed 999 immediately. A female operator picked up my call and asked me where the accident happened...I actually had to explain the location of the accident alphabet by alphabet...unbelievable right? She was so damn slow! At the same time the motorcyclist who is in his early 50s was staring frantically...blankly with blood oozing out his mouth...gosh. He has serious internal bleeding.... :'( I kept on talking to the operator until she managed connect me to the hospital...damn!

While waiting for the arrival of ambulance I helped the others to control the traffic. I felt so sad that some road users actually didn't bother to drive carefully while passing by us. You see we couldn't move the injured motorcyclist as we feared that we might aggravate his injuries. Thank goodness a moment later the police came and helped us to control the road. At the same time...the son of the injured motorcyclist arrived. he was of course dumbstruck to see his father lying almost motionless with his eyes wide-opened on the road. Tyre marks could be seen visibly on his father's broken body. His son tried to call his mother but to no avail...all of us felt so dejected at the sight of the son trying to console his father...

Approximately 10 or was it 15 minutes later (yeah...that freaking long) the ambulance finally found its way to the accident scene. The paramedics touched down and carefully shifted the motorcyclist into the ambulance using a special stretcher that minimizes further injuries. Then off the ambulance sped to the general hospital. We helped to push the wrecked motorbike to the side of the road. Later all of us dispersed...but I am very sure that our minds will keep on thinking about what had happened just now. I am still thinking about it right now...I hope the uncle will be alright and recover as soon as possible. Please help him God...

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