Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unwell & Ambushed by Chocolate Creature

Already notice one of these: For the past few days no blog posts, fewer tweets and Facebook updates from me? It's no because of yours truly me is lazy...really. As much as my mind wanted to write all those blog posts which are burgeoning in my fingers simply couldn't connect with my mind. My uncontrollable bowel also made it more difficult for me to sit in front of my laptop. I think I am floored with food poisoning again...albeit this time it is a mild one. No vomiting...Phew! Thank goodness.

See....I couldn't even reach the keyboard...

I have no idea at all what food caused me to have to so much misery for the past few days! Last night or rather this morning was the worst...I couldn't get a proper shut-eyes as I had to bombard the toilet bowl again and again for few hours. I think the whole repeated toilet trips stopped at around 3a.m. Just when it appeared that my bowel was calling it a day...suddenly I was at the receiving end of another creature. Damn it!

Where is that chocolate creature???

You see...I was lying on bed...thinking the whole "bowel-ic" nightmare had ended, little did I know that a brown six-legged creature was lurking under my bed. Suddenly  I felt tickles on both of my feet and shins...and then my "drumsticks". Then it stopped abruptly. I thought it was nothing or maybe I was just having a dream.

This is the chocolate creature that I have killed!

Just when my mind was almost being drifted into my lucid world, I felt a sharp pain on my chest...something with spiny legs was crawling on me! I immediately got up and tried to grab that whatever creature which was ambushing me in the dark. I managed to grabbed it an spanked it with my paw brutally! Piak! Piak! Piak! I knew it was a cockroach as its scent is perforating into my nostrils! I had to change my bed sheet and took a shower! By then it was 5am already. I am still unwell....hopefully nothing ambush me tonight!

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