Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Avent "Golden" BPA-free Feeding Bottles

Yesterday our healthy ministry announced that starting from next March (2012), all infant milk bottles which contain Bisphenol A (BPA) will be banned. The decision to outlaw these dangerous chemical from feeding bottles should have been done earlier right? But like the saying goes, "Better late than never!" Some of my colleagues are switching to BPA-free milk bottles after hearing about the announcement. As all of you know BPA is really a lethal chemical that can affect our hormone and other body functions. Worse come to worst...prolonged exposure to BPA will cause us to have cancer!

Avent Feeding Bottle,BPA free Milk Bottle
Philip Avent BPA-free feeding bottles & teats. :)

My wife and I have been using Avent feeding bottles which are BPA-free for months already. We know how deadly this BPA is and we are doing all we can to avoid little Jordan from having any contact to this chemical. So today I went to Jusco and got little Jordan another 2 Philip Avent "Golden" Feeding bottles. These "golden" ones are different from the "white" Avent bottles as they are more durable and easier to be washed. Of course we also bought a few new suitable teats as Jordan is all grown up now.

Avent Feeding Bottle,BPA free Milk Bottle
Little Jordan needs faster flow of milk now. :)

Avent Feeding Bottle,BPA free Milk Bottle
These are for his cereal. :)

Now why do we love to use Avent feeding bottle? For starter it is BPA-free. Besides that, this award winning Avent feeding bottles have been clinically proven to reduce colic and allow our babies to sleep better. You want your babies to have good night sleep don't you? Last but not least I discovered that Avent feeding bottles are good "retainer". Meaning that our milk will still be warm and will not become cold easily. Good right?

Avent Feeding Bottle,BPA free Milk Bottle
Avent's secrets. :)

Avent Feeding Bottle,BPA free Milk Bottle
Tekkaus recommends Avent Feeding Bottles.

Right now little Jordan has around 7 Avent feeding bottles at his disposal. Ha :D So I strongly suggest that you invest in Philip Avent feeding bottles thought they can be a tad expensive. Both these "golden" Avent feeding bottles cost me around RM90. But then again it is money worth spent for our little ones. I believe we can use it for quite some time. Little Jordan is going to pass on his feeding bottles to his younger brother of sister one day. :)

Avent Feeding Bottle,BPA free Milk Bottle
Invest in one of these "golden" Philip Avent feeding bottles now. :)

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