Friday, February 25, 2011

Now I Have 1000 Unique Daily Visitors Every Day

Finally what I thought impossible is now reality. Still remember somewhere in August last year (2010) I talked about the 3 reasons why I can't get 1,000 Unique Daily Visitors? Back then I only had around 700 uniques every day. I explained why I couldn't achieve the 1k unique daily visitors because my blog isn't a professional Wordpress blog, too diluted and most importantly I am not famous. That was 6 months ago. Now I am still infamous but I have exceeded the 1000 unique daily unique visitors that I thought was out of the question back then.

Now I Have 1000 Unique Daily Visitors Every Day
Yay~finally 1000 unique daily visitors... :/

So what has changed? Not much difference I guess. I have at least 1000 unique daily visitors and more than 2000 page views every day. Now my main visitors are from Malaysia. So thanks for the local support yeah. My income of course has increased in tandem with my blog traffic. But overall...I think nothing much has changed. My blog is still a relatively puny blog compared to those big fishes in the Internet. Last year I only managed to make a 5-figure income with this blog. I am not going to make a lot of money with this blog alone. :/ Time to change?

Now I Have 1000 Unique Daily Visitors Every Day
My daily pageviews has increased a bit too.

Now I Have 1000 Unique Daily Visitors Every Day
Thank you for supporting me fellow Malaysians.

I love blogspot but it has its limitation. Then again I don't mind to be hosted using blogspot forever as this blog is for me to express myself. However if we were to talk about making money online, I believe Wordpress is still the only way for you to maximize your earning potential. Too bad...yours truly me is way too busy too lazy to play with Wordpress for the time being. I wonder when I will start. *sigh* :(

Now I Have 1000 Unique Daily Visitors Every Day
Now I have 1000 unique daily visitors daily. So what?

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