Saturday, January 15, 2011

Every Baby Must Have A Hammer!

My father gave me a hammer when I was still an infant and I believe my little Jordan should have one too. That's why his grandpa bought for him one while we were in Taiping. Is hammer one of your toys while you are still a tot? You should because every baby must have a hammer to clobber something including us-parents. LOL :D Don't worry the tool that I meant was something meant for baby and not the real stuff for hammering nails. :)

Every Baby Must Have A Hammer
Little Jordan's hammer!

Bought this toy at an old toy shop in Taiping. Do they still sell this in the big cities such as KL? I don't think so huh. It is a rarity I guess to see them in those fancy shops and malls. Babies in metropolitan cities only play with high-tech toys right? I am happy that my father-in-law managed to find this "nostalgic" toy for little Jordan. Do you know it also doubles up as a flute? Come~let's hammer! :)

Every Baby Must Have A Hammer
Come~hold your own hammer. :)

Every Baby Must Have A Hammer
Don't eat it ok~Jordan.

Every Baby Must Have A Hammer
He still "eats" it! Haha :D

Every Baby Must Have A Hammer
Toink~little Jordan hammered himself.

Aww...looking at this hammer really reminds me of my toys. I used to have one too but of different colors. I wonder who came up with this idea to make hammer for babies right? Little Jordan loves his new hammer a lot. Most of the time he would be hammering...himself and sometimes it will become his "food". Ha :D He likes to chew his hammer. I wonder why...perhaps it is very juicy? :p

Every Baby Must Have A Hammer
Don't worry~lar. Daddy is not going to take away your hammer.

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