Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visiting Grandpa At Wet Market

While we were in Taiping, we woke up quite early and headed to the wet market. Our destination is roughly  5 minutes away from our home. After some twist and turn, finally we arrived at our destination-Plaza Perbandaran Taiping. You will be able to see a morning market here. We were delighted with all the hustle and bustle of morning life at this market. Little Jordan was visibly amazed with what his eyes was seeing. After all it was a first trip to a market.

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Little Jordan and his grandpa. :)

I believe there are at least 50 different stalls operating at this market. From the tantalizing kuih to the stinky petai. You can get virtually everything that you need under this roof including your pajamas. Back to our search, we were busy looking for a stall selling vegetables. Jordan's eyes were looking around too, as if he was frantically looking for someone. A~ha! Finally little Jordan saw his grandpa near a vegetable stall. No...my father-in-law was not buying any vegetables..instead he was selling them. Yes! My father-in-law is a vegetable supplier! :)

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Grandpa attending to his little Jordan.

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Little Jordan enjoying being wrapped in his ah kong's arms.

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Grandpa is proud to have Jordan by his side.

Granpa was visibly very happy to see us especially his little grandson. The moment my wife carried him to his side, he immediately  grabbed little Jordan. Ha :D Such was his excitement. You can see it all in his face right? I hope one day little Jordan will be able to wake up early in the morning to help his grandpa out. Before we left, we snapped a few photos with my father-in-law's workers. Yeah! They were happy to see our little Jordan too.

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
My father-in-law with his workers.

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Another one please. :)

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Jordan looking around...

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Do you want to stay with Ah Kong or not Jordan? :p

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
You can see my father-in-law's joy in his face right? :)

If you are staying in Taiping, chances is that you have seen my father-in-law. He has been selling vegetables for decades and his supplies vegetables to various restaurants too. It is not an easy job...but it can be quite rewarding if you ask me. If I were in Taiping, I will surely inherit my father-in-law's business. LOL :D Too bad I am in Malacca. Maybe one day Jordan can return to his home in Taiping to continue what his grandpa has been doing? We never know. :p

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Little Jordan learning his grandpa's trade. :p

Visiting Grandpa In Morning Market
Until we meet again tomatoes!

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