Monday, December 13, 2010

Huge Christmas Presents In Taiping Sentral

Can I have that huge present Santa? If you happen to be in Taiping Sentral, you would have noticed their 2 enormous gift boxes right? The 2 boxes, one red and the other one yellow, can be seen sandwiching a relatively short Christmas tree. Ha :D If you look closely into (or at) the 2 boxes presents, you will see more little presents in them. I guess the people in Taiping has demanded quite a lot of present from the poor old Santa huh! So we took the opportunity to snap some photos with the gargantuan gifts!

Huge Christmas Presents In Taiping Sentral
Christmas in Taiping!

Huge Christmas Presents In Taiping Sentral
Little Jordan with his grandpa, mommy and aunty. :)

Huge Christmas Presents In Taiping Sentral
...and Daddy. :)

Huge Christmas Presents In Taiping Sentral
When you look at it again...this Christmas tree is not very short after all. :p

Huge Christmas Presents In Taiping Sentral
Hmmm...I wonder how many presents are in this huge present!

Yeah! For your information this is the best decoration I have seen in Taiping. This decoration might not appeal to those folks in KL. In fact some of you might think it is a laughing stock. Ha :D After all it is nothing to be shout about compared to those huge gingerbread man found in KL right? Then again I love this decoration in Taiping Sentral for being sweet and simple. It makes me feel warm and comfy, especially when little Jordan can be with grandpa. So have you bought your Christmas presents already? Anyway happy Monday everyone.

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