Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite Breakfast: Nescafe & Ping Pong Biscuits

Some of you (tweeples) might be wondering what are Ping Pong biscuits right? That is because I did mention from time to time that I love to eat Ping Pong biscuits together with my Nescafe. Some of you are so curious to know what these ping pong biscuits look like...does it resemble a ping pong ball? Ha :D Hmm...perhaps you have never ever munched on one of these elusive "ping pong" biscuits in your life. Fret not, you will be able to meet my favourite cracker today. But first...have you tried the new Nescafe?

Nescafe,Ping Pong Biscuits
Ta~da! My Nescafe

Nescafe,Ping Pong Biscuits
New, improved formula...more foamy. :)

A few months ago, Nescafe rolled out their new, improved Nescafe. The main difference between the old Nescafe with the revamped one is that now it is more foamy! At first I didn't really like the changes...but after a few more cups...I can't help but fall in love with the new formula. And I think my ping pong biscuits "like" the new Nescafe too. Both of them complemented each other so well that I must have them every morning. :)

Nescafe,Ping Pong Biscuits
Bought it during promotion. 47 sticks for RM13!

Nescafe,Ping Pong Biscuits
Jom~drink Nescafe with me.

A~Ha! Wanna know what is ping pong biscuit? Is it round? Ping Pong biscuit is actually your ordinary squarish cream cracker. Yeah...it resembles the Jacob's cracker that you dunk into your hot Milo every morning...the shape at least. I love Hup Seng's Ping Pong biscuits because they are the most delicious cream crackers I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Nescafe,Ping Pong Biscuits
Yupe! This is my favourite breakfast combo!

Nescafe,Ping Pong Biscuits
See...Ping Pong!

Nescafe,Ping Pong Biscuits
Don't dunk it too long if not it will "melt". :p

Why I love them so damn much? Well...Ping Pong biscuit is oilier and crispier compared to its other squarish counterparts. And yeah...it is not healthy as it is not fortified with vitamins, omega, blah~blah~blah. But it is still my number 1 cream cracker! I can't take healthy crackers like Jacob...it will make me sick. Ha :D Ok! That's all from me this morning. I wanna eat my Ping Pong biscuits together with my foamy Nescafe!

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