Sunday, December 19, 2010

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack For My Nokia E72

More and more people are able to afford smartphones nowadays and this is especially true here in Malaysia. It seems like these nifty phones that can do tonnes of stuff are becoming increasingly cheap. They are called smartphones for a reason right? They are relatively "smart" and can do a lot of different tasks such as snapping photos, capturing HD videos, listening to music, play gorgeous games, road navigation (GPS), surf the internet, Wifi tethering etc. These myriad of features also denote that these gadgets are power-hungry devices right? And this translates too? Yes, you said it. Ultra-fast power drain...

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack
My latest gadget-Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack

My Nokia E72 comes with a huge battery...1500mah. Currently this capacity of battery is one of the highest for mobile phones and it can last for almost a week on standby if I am not using it for any power-hungry applications. But then again all the juice can be pumped out in just a matter of a few hours if I were to use GPS, WiFi tethering or playing games. That is why I need a backup (battery) for my smartphone especially if I am on the road like traveling. Hence I have invested in Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack!

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack
This is what I get. :)

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack
This makes it extremely versatile. :D

I must admit that it is very handy for me especially if I can't seem to find a car charger while on the road. Still remember my recent holiday trip in Taiping? I was on the road, away from home most of the time and I had to connect to the internet while on the go. Hence the juice of my Nokia E72 was sucked out quite easily. That was when Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack came to my rescue and kept my Nokia E72 alive. If not I wouldn't be able to update my Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and check my emails!

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack
New companion for my Nokia E72!

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack
This is how you juice up your phone!

Initially I wanted to get Nokia's very own battery pack-Nokia Extra Power DC 11. However...I failed to source for this elusive accessory for my phone. That is why I ended up buying Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack which was meant for iPhone and iPod. This Capdase "backup plan" cost me around RM179 but I think it worth every single penny. Why? I love it so much because it can also power up other brands of mobile phones such as Sony Ericson and it comes with 4 changeable World AC plugs. Talking about universality huh!

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack
You can check how much power is left.

Best if all this Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack has a whopping 2200mah juice and up to 150 days of stored standby power. If you are traveling a lot and really need your smartphone to do a lot of tasks...then you might consider getting yourself an extra battery pack just in case a charger is not in sight. You can consider this Capdase pack to give you the extra Omph!

Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack
I see my Capdase mPower Universal Battery Pack as a good investment. :)

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