Friday, December 31, 2010

Bloody Mangoes ~You Are So Damn Delicious!

Just a moment ago, my father, my brother, wifey and I were in front of our home trying to bring down all the mangoes. We used all sorts of tools-saw, cutter, stick, bottles in our quest to pluck all those dangling fruits. Did we manage to take down all of them? Nope...we couldn't. This year, our mango tree is quite productive. Ha :D Talking about our mangoes...I think ours is kinda special because when it is about to ripe, it will be red in color. And when our mangoes mature, it will flourish as red-orange fruits! That is why I dubbed them...bloody mangoes!

Bloody Mangoes ~You Are So Damn Delicious!
Can you spot the remaining mangoes?

Bloody Mangoes ~You Are So Damn Delicious!
Ta~da! Our bloody mangoes.

Bloody Mangoes ~You Are So Damn Delicious!
Seeing Red. Wait till they mature!

Bloody Mangoes ~You Are So Damn Delicious!
This is the "adult" bloody mango!

Have you seen such mangoes? I mean the color? Perhaps yours is also the same? But as far as I know...none that I have encountered so far in Malacca is so "bloody" like ours. If yours are equally "bloody", do feel free to show yours. All in all I think more than 100 mangoes have been plucked by us so far. We enjoyed every single slice of them. Yummy! Hehe :D That's all from me for now folks. Another 6 more hours or so we will be stepping into a whole new year. Happy New Bloody Year 2011 to all my blog readers and friends. :)

Bloody Mangoes ~You Are So Damn Delicious!
See you again in 2011~bloody mango!

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