Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jordan Reads Newspaper With Me

Reading is the gateway to unlimited knowledge. I strongly believe that nothing can substitute the experience of holding a book and feel its cover on your palms and fingers; flip the pages one by one while enjoying lines after lines of hidden gems. For each word that you leaf through conjures into mystical magic. Aww...reading is really something that all of us should do every day right? They say the more you read, the more you will be read. Don't you agree with me?

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
Daddy read your newspaper ok?

Reading is rewarding. And that is why I decided to instill reading habit into my little Jordan at this tender age. Yeah! Right now he is barely 4 months old, but I think it is never too early for anyone of us to read right? So the other day while little Jordan was sitting on my lap, I read newspaper with him. I was actually reading ghost stories for him. And he seemed to be enjoying what he was doing too-reading. :)

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
Jordan come~read together with daddy ok.

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
See how focused Jordan was.

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
Hmm...or was he focusing on something else? :p

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
What were you looking at ar~Jordan?

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
Hahaha :D

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
Can tell daddy or not?

See Jordan was really reading the newspaper with me. Or should I say looking at the pictures. LOL :D Then again I believe this is a good way to expose him to reading. I have been a staunch believer that parents should be the one who nurture the love of reading in children and not their teachers. I hope by the age of 3 he will be able to pick up reading as his hobby. I don't want him to end up just like me, playing machine guns and swords every day. Or he should be just like me? A Rambo?

Jordan Is Reading Newspaper
Do you notice the saliva? Ha :D
Jordan was so engrossed while he was reading the newspaper.

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