Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jordan Boy Is 3 Months Old Now

Today is the day that little Jordan turns 3 months old. 3 months ago his beloved mother fought for her life in the labor room to bring him into this world. It is really not easy to have your own children, but it is a blessing to have them in your lives. My wife and I are very, very grateful to have little Jordan in our lives. Watching him grows up day after day is really a bliss. His every movements, the way he smiles, his different cries...these are the things that make us feel truly endowed.

Jordan,Jordan Is 3 Months Old Now,Playing With guitar
Jordan looking attentively at his mother and of course his guitar. :)

He is seen here trying to grip one of his toys-a teether in the shape of guitar. My wife was trying to help him with the guitar. You see both my wife and I have been trying to allow him to grip objects. I really enjoy the time all 3 of us are playing together. Sometimes he doesn't want to play but most of the time he is very obliging. At times he will yell at us and ask us to play with him. Ha :D

Jordan,Jordan Is 3 Months Old Now,Playing With guitar
Jordan~do you like to play with the guitar?

Jordan,Jordan Is 3 Months Old Now,Playing With guitar
Can you strum a song for mommy and daddy?

Jordan,Jordan Is 3 Months Old Now,Playing With guitar
Little Jordan likes to smile and he is always excited. Ha :D

Time flies! In a blink of an eye our little Jordan has already grown up. Perhaps in no time he will be crawling, then walking and running around until we gasp for air trying to catch up him. I am sure little Jordan will be very active. Ha :D Then again...sometimes I think our little one grows up way too fast. That's why I am going to chronicle everything about him in this blog so that we can look and reminisce our every single moment together.

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