Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 2-legged Pig Called Zhu JianQiang

Every now and then we saw beggars who are intellectuality and physically able sitting at the side of the roads begging for money. These people have made themselves look so pitiable that they deserved to be given money blah, blah, blah! Honestly! I hate these kind of lazy dumb-ass. Today I am going to share with you a story from the animal Kingdom. Unlike those useless human who stoop so low for survival, our friend here is very determined to live her life even though she is born without her 2 other limbs. Meet Zhu Jianqiang which literally means "Strong Willed Pig."

The 2-legged Pig Called Zhu JianQiang
Meet the 2-legged Zhu JianQiang

This 10-month-old Zhu Jianqiang is now a celebrity in her own village. Why not right? Apparently Jianqiang is lucky to be alive and she should be grateful to her master, Wang Xihai. She was born together with her other 8 siblings. Unfortunately she is the only one born handicapped. When she was born, her master's wife wanted to put her out of her misery because she is without her hind legs. "My wife wanted me to dump it but I refused as it is a life. I thought I should give it a chance to survive and unexpectedly it survived healthily," Mr, Wang recalled.

The 2-legged Pig Called Zhu JianQiang
Zhu JianQiang eating her meal with her owner looking on.

The 2-legged Pig Called Zhu JianQiang
She can really balance herself huh!

Several days after JianQiang was born, her master, Wang Xihai decided to train her to live with her 2 front legs. His perseverance paid off as the pig is living healthily right now. He trained her a little while every day and now JianQiang can walk upside down quite well. Of course her master will not sell her even though there have been tempting offers. So she should really thank her master for his undying belief for her. You see adversity does have its advantage right? And best of all...she will not end up on the dinner table anymore. Zhu Jianqiang, you go girl!

Watch how Zhu JianQiang tries to balance herself

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