Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Little White Guardian Angel

While I was in the hospital battling with the dengue fever, I couldn't help but thought about my little Jordan all the time. He is in my mind all the time especially when I was lying on the bed in the hospital. It was really disheartening to know that I couldn't be by his side those nights. It was truly upsetting because I sing to him every night before he goes to bed. I was so worried that he would missed me dearly too...which he did. My wife told me that my little Jordan looked rather gloomy those 5 days when I was not around. My little Jordan knew something was wrong with his papa.

My Little White Guadian Angel
My little white guardian angel! :)

As I mentioned earlier in my post about how I survived dengue fever, I had a hard time in the hospital because I was so worried that my condition would get complicated and something bad would happen. I was worried if anything happen to me who would take care of my little Jordan. It was really depressing. As it turned little Jordan was the one who kept me going in the hospital. Every time I was feeling down, I looked at his pictures in my Nokia E72 and said, "Daddy will come home today!" The sight of him really boost my wellbeing!

My Little White Guadian Angel
Who are you looking at ar~Jordan? :)

My Little White Guadian Angel
War...why so serious ar~Jordan?

My Little White Guadian Angel
What you want ar~Jordan? :D

My Little White Guadian Angel
You wanna tell daddy something? :p

I derived my strength from my little Jordan, knowing that I would recover as soon as possible. I told myself that I have to be healthy to take care of him. He gave me the strength. My little Jordan, he is my little white guardian angel looking over his me-his papa. Ha :D His smile makes me stronger day by day. Thinking about him and his antics makes me smile.  I gotta thank him for being there for me all the time. Papa loves you o~Jordan boy!

My Little White Guadian Angel
I love to look at him. :)

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