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Internet Anywhere, Anytime For Only RM48!

How many of us can live without Internet? Come~let me see your hands. Ouh...really? Well...if you are reading this post right now..chances is that you are like millions out there who can barely live without their Internet. You see Internet is no longer a luxury anymore. Nowadays Internet is considered a necessity for a lot of us (including me). Internet has really transformed our lives don't you think so? We get to do virtually all our stuff online with the advent of internet.

Celcom Broadband Surf Anywhere Anytime
These are my buddies. :)

As for me, I can do all my favourite stuff such as browse the internet to get the latest news and buzz, pay my bills, check my emails, update my blog, stay in touch with my buddies, listen to music...(*pant! pant! pant!*) just to name a few. In a nut shell we can do almost anything with our internet. Now imagine you woke up one day and realized that your modem had been struck by lightning last night. The worse has yet to come-You called your internet service provider and they tell you the whole area is affected and it will take them 1 week to get everything back on track!

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
Malfunctioning modem! *sob! sob!*
What if this happens to you?

So how? Imagine your life one week without internet! You will not be able to update your Twitter for 7 days; you will not be able to access your Facebook for 168 hours; you will not be able to check your emails for 10,080 minutes and you will not be able to surf the internet for 604,800 seconds! Can you stare at the hands of time and listen to the tick-tock of your clock while waiting for you internet to be fixed? Most probably no right? It will be very tormenting.

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
Are you still being strangled by "cables"?

I admit that internet is an integral part of my life right now. Every morning when I wake up...after feeding my baby Jordan milk, I will surf the internet to read the important news of the day. After that I will click open my blog as well as reading my friends' blogs. Then I will log in into my Twitter and Facebook to catch up with my friends. Last but not least, I will check my emails to see if I have any urgent or pending tasks to do. Internet is really important to me because it allows me to earn multiple streams of income. So if you ask me I can live without internet-my answer is resounding NO!

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
My mighty USB dongle = My wireless broadband!

That's why I use wireless broadband because it gives me that peace of mind that I need. I know that I can rely on my wireless broadband to connect me to the internet. I don't have to worry about the lightning and of course the escalating rates of electricity from TNB. More importantly my wireless USB dongle allows me to surf the internet everywhere and anytime that I want. My hands and legs (and my laptop) are not shackled back at home. I can go back to my hometown which is in rural areas and still surf the internet! Life is really great with wireless internet.

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
I can surf even in my Kampung! :)

YOU should enjoy this privilege too. Nobody should miss out the action from the internet (especially this Hari Raya). Now with Celcom Broadband you can have the liberty to surf the internet anytime and anywhere...even if you are hundreds of miles away from the city! Celcom Broadband allows you to stay connected with your friends in Facebook & Twitter, check your emails, hand in your assignments, handle your business and much, much more with speed of up to a staggering 3.6Mbps! You can enjoy the most affordable wireless, mobile broadband from as low as RM48 per month. So you don't worry about the price anymore.

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
Only RM48 to have the freedom of wireless broadband.

With Celcom Broadband you can choose from all sorts of packages and plans to cater to your internet needs. I will personally opt for the Celcom Broadband Entry plan because it is the most affordable, only at RM48! And I can easily earn back this amount of money from the internet. So this RM48 entry plan is a rock-bottom bargain plan for me. :p Of course you can choose other plan to suite your internet demand.

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
Note that the early bird promo will only be applicable for the first 3 months.

You can also get started by subscribing to one of the plan with free modem.
Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
Do note that RM100 upfront registration is needed for the above plans.

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
You can also bundle your Celcom Broadband with the above gadgets. :)

A~ha! If you are like me, who use my Nokia E72 smartphone to surf the internet, Facebooking, Tweeting, checking my emails and listening to music at Youtube, you will be happy to know that Celcom is offering Broadband Entry on Voice for only RM38 per month provided that you already have an active Celcom Postpaid voice line. Now how cool is that? Now you can log into Foursquare and mingle with your friends more often with your smartphone. :)

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
With Celcom Broadband you can get onto Internet virtually everywhere!

Still not subscribed to any broadband wireless plan? Why not join Celcom Broadband right now? It is officially the No.1 mobile broadband provider in Malaysia and be assured that you will be able to enjoy great speed and especially consistency with Celcom widest broadband coverage. Being the largest mobile broadband community, Celcom Broadband is also the Mobile Broadband Service Provider of the year for 2 consecutive years in Malaysia according to Frost & Sullivan! Still have any questions and doubt? Fret not, Celcom Broadband dedicated customer service which is the best in Asia Pacific can help you!

Celcom Broadband Surf Anywhere Anytime
Yep! For as low as RM48 you can start surfing!

Going back for Raya or holidays? No internet back at your home or Kampung? Subscribe to Celcom Broadband by visiting any Celcom branch, Blue Cube outlet or participating dealer nationwide. Enjoy the privilege of internet anywhere and anytime (just like me). Sign up now and enjoy early bird promo. You can save RM30 now. Ok...that's about it. Guess where I am right now while typing this post? I am in my late grandma's old, wooden house. No cables, no problem because I have my wireless broadband dongle. Ok, that's all for now I wanna play DOTA with my friends from KL!

Celcom Broadband I can Surf Anywhere Anytime
Can you live without your Internet? :)

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