Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Little Zakumi World Cup Mascot

Who doesn't know Zakumi, the hip leopard right? Zakumi is so damn famous right now. I believe almost all football fans , gripped by World Cup Fever, who visited South Africa to watch the glorious game, will grab at least one or two original, authentic Zakumi back to their homeland. Presently, Zakumi is the household name across the South Africa continent. Do you know that Zakumi is actually a leopard? I thought Zakumi is a lion because of those thick hair which I mistook as his mane. LOL :D

Zakumi,World Cup 2010 Mascot,World Cup South Africa
Zakumi-The Official World Cup 2010 South Africa Mascot.

Do you know that Zakumi is already 15 years old? This cool young leopard with green hair was born on 16th June 1994. Huh? Why 15? I still don't know. Perhaps it was the date where South Africa was selected to host the World Cup? :p Can someone fill me in on this? They even have an animation based on Zakumi. Catch it at the end of the post ok.

Zakumi, World Cup 2010 Mascot
I wanted to get this Zakumi initially but too $$$...

Zakumi,World Cup 2010 Mascot,World Cup South Africa
So I looked at the other Zakumis and think...

A~ha! Do you know how the name Zakumi was derived? Interestingly his name comes from "Za", the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for South Africa, and the other part "kumi", a word that means ten in several African languages. So Zakumi is the translation of two part of words and it should have been "ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code-ten"? LOL :D So now you know why Zakumi's name is so right?

In the end I got this Zakumi...
Zakumi,World Cup 2010 Mascot,World Cup South Africa
The keychain Zakumi.

Zakumi,World Cup 2010 Mascot,World Cup South Africa
What do you think bout this cute, puny Zakumi?

Zakumi,World Cup 2010 Mascot,World Cup South Africa
Original Zakumi okay!

I only managed to buy the RM10 original Zakumi Keychain. Yes, it is an authentic Zakumi! Did you notice the hologram? LOL :D The other soft plush toys are a little off my tight budget. That's all from me about this hip Zakumi folks. But before you leave my blog, do have a look at the following video showing how Zakumi and his pals played with their favourite ball-football! :p

Zakumi The Animation.

Zakumi,World Cup 2010 Mascot,World Cup South Africa
So did you get yourself one Zakumi?

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