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Father's Day Dinner-Kenny Rogers & Coffee Bean

Happy Father's Day to all the dedicated fathers in the world. To all the dads who have whole-heartedly labored and worked hard for your family, you deserve a pat on your back. Hereby, I wanna take this opportunity yo thank my loving father for giving his all to this family of mine. Without my daddy's sacrifice, we wouldn't be having such a bright and colorful future right now. He is both my brother and my idol. He is our inspirational figure which we look up to since we were still a totting kids. :)

Kenny Rogers,Father's Day
Here we are!

Now let's talk about how we celebrated our Father's Day shall we? We were supposed to take our dad out for dinner today but instead we did it last evening because my brother would be going back today. This father's day, we decided to roam Jusco Melaka to see what daddy wanna eat. So what we had? A~ha! For our dinner, we had our sumptuous meals at Kenny Rogers Restaurant. Kenny Rogers is daddy's all-time favourite place to eat. Actually all of us love dining at Kenny Rogers. Ha :D

Kenny Rogers,Father's Day,Cutlery
Ready to "rumble"?

Kenny Rogers,Father's Day
But first let's pick what we wanna eat!

Each of us had a Kenny Rogers' Quarter Meal. All of us ordered the black peppered flavoured quarter chicken. Of course each of us will have the usual complimentary 3 side dishes and 1 Kenny Roger's home-made muffin. So the first things that were served were the muffins: 2 Chocolate & 2 Vanilla muffins. Hmm...look rather..."punctured" to me. :p

Kenny Rogers,Father's Day,Muffin
Aww....the home-made muffins!

Kenny Rogers,Father's Day,Muffin
Daddy is ready to gobble his chocolate muffin.

A few minutes later, our quarter chicken dishes were served. Itadakimasu. *Chom! Chom! Chom!* All of us were pretty hungry by then. :p I love my aromatic rice, cheesy macaroni and mashed potatoes with the hot tempting gravy. Aww..the fragrance aromatic rice had me salivating even before my taste buds were able to touch it yet. The mashed potatoes...the texture...was simply marvelous. The cheesy macaroni is really scrummy. If you are a big cheese fan like me, you will savor the moment the cheese melts in your mouth. Heavenly! And of course the black peppered chicken is the best. Sinking your teeth into it will surely give you that unmistakable sensation...

Kenny Rogers,Father's Day
Ok, it is the main course time.

Kenny Rogers,Father's Day
Ta~da! Our quarter meal!

Burrpp...Gochisosama Deshita! The whole meals cost around RM80. Hmm...our dinner at Kenny Rogers was a wee expensive considering that we didn't order any drinks at all. Must be the service tax. Anyway...are you curious why didn't have any drinks while dining at Kenny Rogers? That is because the drinks were dear and we actually had another stop to make which was...

Coffee Bean,Father's Day
Daddy's first time in Coffee Bean.

Coffee Bean,Father's Day
It's coffee time.

Coffee Bean! Yep! My brother decided to bring daddy to Coffee Bean to enjoy a cup of luxury coffee. This is the very first time my father had ventured into Coffee Bean. Daddy was obviously beaming with joy. After all, he had never ever dream that he could be in Coffee Bean one day sipping his premium Cappuccino. After all of us had placed our orders, we picked a posh sate to comfort our butts while enjoying every single sip of our java. :)

Coffee Bean,Father's Day
Daddy with his raw sugar. :)

Coffee Bean,Father's Day

Bro had...I don't know...iced blended hazel coffee? Both me and my dad tried Coffee Bean's Cappuccino, whilst my wife had her hot vanilla. was certainly a great moment. Basking in the comfy ambiance with the smooth aroma of our coffee making its way into our nasal. A historic for daddy and surely it must be one enjoyable Father's Day dinner for him. :)

Coffee Bean,Father's Day
Can you see the "extra" stuff on top of my coffee?

Coffee Bean,Father's Day
Ouh~oh! *gulp*

I ordered the same drink as daddy-Cappuccino...but...I have added a few extra toppings...chocolate powder, vanilla powder, and cinnamon powder! Cinnamon??? That's why my Cappuccino tasted so different. Haha :D Anyway the main thing is that we really had a great time. Quality family time. :) We were there for quite some time before we charted our way back home. Did you enjoy yourself daddy?

Coffee Bean,Father's Day
Happy Father's Day Daddy. :)

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