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Ha Ha Li Li By Sa Dingding

Last week I promised that I am going to play another song by the enigmatic Sa Dingding after posting about her mystical Alive. It was supposed to be last week but it's better later than never right? This week I am going to share with you guys the first single taken from Sa Dingding's third album-Harmony. Actually it was this song that introduced me to this chimerical songstress. So let's see what Dindding who grew up a nomad can offer us in her latest Ha Ha Li Li.

Sa Dingding, Ha Ha Li Li, Harmony Album
Harmony album cover

Ha Ha Li Li...what can I say about this song? Honestly I really don't know where to start. But from her interview with...I don't know who, she said that her Ha Ha Li Li revolves around nature. According to Dingding, the song has a very deep Yunnan style. And the chorus part is interesting because it sounds like she was panting right? Ha :D However Dingding explained the way she sings it-breathing, actually signifies the creation of this world. Wow...very deep. Watch the whole clip to find out what she has got to say.

Dingding introducing her music.

All I can say is that this song is very groovy and cheeky. And the lyrics is really like a fairy tale story. I personally love this song a lot. And her Ha Ha Li Li MTV has this surreal feeling to it. It starts off with the viewers diving into a chimera through her eye. Then the beats starts and we can see how Dingding transform into an elf I guess. And I bet her hair do must have taken a long time to complete. What do you think? Ha :D

Sa Dingding, Ha Ha Li Li MTV
What is this? An Elf? A Ghost?

Anyway please enjoy Sa Dingding's Ha Ha Li Li MTV.

What do you think about this song? Cool?

Sa Dingding's Ha Ha Li Li Lyrcis.

传说中天与地连在一起 永不分离
chuánshuō zhōngtiān yú dì lián zài yīqǐ yǒng bùfēn lí
legend has it that heaven and earth were connected together and never separated

勤劳的人们和那些神奇的动物生活在山洞里 啊咿
shèng láo de rénmen hé nàxiē shénqí de dòngwù shēnghuó zài shān dòng lǐ a lǐ
the hard-working people and those mystical animals lived in a cave, ayi

下过雨的清晨 一束光照着树神
xià guò yǔ de qīngchén yī shù guāng zhào zhù shù shén
on an early rainy morning, a shining tree spirit

yùnyùn chuán lái lónglóng de gǔshēng
from a distant place sent the rumbling of drumbeats

沉沉的鼓声阵阵 震醒山洞里的人
chénchén de gǔshēng zhènzhèn xū xǐng shān dòng lǐ de rén
wave after wave of heavy drumbeats shook the people in the cave awake

qiáng shàng de yùyán zhè jiù yào fāshēng
according to the prophecies on the wall, this would happen

沙啦啦啦啦 伴着节奏急促的脚步
shā la la la la bàn zhù jiézòu jícù de jiǎobù
sha la la la la, quickened footsteps following the rhythm

沙啦啦啦啦 人们的心在跳
Sha la la la la rénmen de xīn zài tiàotiào
sha la la la la, the people's hearts are beating

沙啦啦啦啦 金色公鸡带来了传奇 分开了天地
shā la la la la jīnsè gōngjī dàilái le chuánqí fēnkāi le tiāndì
sha la la la la, a golden rooster brings about the legend the parting of heaven and earth

Ha Li Li Ha Li Li Ha Li Ha Li Ha Li Li
Ha Li Ha Ha Li Ha

cóng nà tiān qǐ rénmen zǒuchū le shān dòng
since that day, people walked out of the cave

hé shān shén hé shù shén zhù zài yīqǐ
and lived together with the mountain spirits and tree spirits

cóng nà tiān qǐ rénmen zǒuchū le shān dòng
since that day, people walked out of the cave

hé dàzìrán wánměi de zài yīqǐ
and were perfectly together with Nature

Ha Li Li Ha Li Li Ha Li Ha Li Ha Li Li
Ha Li Ha Ha Li Ha

I have included the lyrics and translation of the song. And even the pronounciation of the mandarin lyrics. I hope you guys will like it. Try to sing this song. I heard it is good for our breathing. LOL :D Have a great weekend folks. Ha Ha Li Li!

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