Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nuffnang! Again Thanks For The Money!

Came back home yesterday and I realized I received a letter. Guess what? It is another cheque payment from Nuffnang. Woohoo! So thank you again to Nuffnang for enabling me to earn some money. I have been using Nuffnang for almost a year now and I must say that although I am not reaping the full benefits of Nuffnang yet, I am still grateful that my earning is stable. Of course my earning via Nuffnang is nothing to shout about. I hope one day my Nuffnang earning will be as good (lucrative) as my Adsense earning. Obviously there is still a lot of homework for me to do.

Nuffnang Earning
Have to "blacken" it due to privacy purposes
and because my earning is too low. Paiseh! :p

What I love about Nuffnang is that they are credible, meaning they do pay....although sometimes it takes a long time for them to do so. Anyway I am going to the bank right now to cash in my money. Then later at night I am going to treat my family to a sumptuous dinner. Do you guys wanna join? Ha :D

Happy blogging with Nuffnang folks. :)

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