Saturday, February 6, 2010

CNY Deco At New Jusco Malacca

Unlike KL which has a lot of glorious shopping mall to boast. We, Malaccans only have a handful to mention. Around 8 to be precise. Since most of the malls here are smaller, of course the deco will be simpler compared to the likes of gargantuan Midvalley and Pavillion. Yesterday I went to the grand opening of our latest shooping mall-Jusco Bandaraya Melaka, and I thought the Chinese New Year decoration is beautiful albeit simple. Thank goodness I brought along my camera. After I have parked my bike, from afar I could feel the jolly Chinese New Year mood already. Why?

Jusco's main entrance.

Red, red, red! I'm certainly lovin' it!

A lot of red lanterns await you at the main entrance. Aww....I just love the sight of those lanterns. So~red! A must have deco during Chinese New Year right? Once you enter, immediately you will notice the centre court. There is stage for events and shows. The moment you enter, you'll see this giant golden tiger (虎) character being mounted on the stage. Besides hundreds of red lantern dangling here and there, there are also 2 gigantic red lanterns hovering on top the centre court. I wish I can take them back. :p

Tiger (虎) awaits you!

Can I have one of these?

Simply and gorgeous.

As I said earlier, the deco is simple and it exudes with the joyous feeling of Chinese New Year! I wonder how Mahkota Parade and Dataran will decorate their malls. :)

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