Friday, January 8, 2010

My Asadi & Power!

Although sometimes I love to splurge my hard-earned money, other times yours truly, me is really a damn freaking miser. This is especially true if I wanna spend something for myself. I will be so stingy and try not to pamper myself. However I don't mind giving all my money to my wifey. From time to time I love to shower her with some meaningful gifts and treat her to some expensive dinner. But I just don't see the point of treating myself. I wonder why? :/ Recently my shoes started to bare its tongue (my feet) and my sandals were losing its "flowers" (grip)! Being a scrooge, I refused to spend my money to buy a new pair of shoes and sandals.

Yay! My brand new shoes and sandals!

My missus realized about my "plight". She was afraid that I might slipped or tripped since my footwears are not in good condition anymore. So she dragged me to Mahkota Parade and made me buy something to put on. In the end I bought one pair of Power jogging shoes and a pair of ultra cool Asadi sandals. Honestly I love my jogging shoes. And my Asadi Sandals...they are simply awesome. Why? Because the sandals an actually assimilate with my feet and I can run with them as if they are a pair shoes. :)

I got the Pooooweeeeeer!

My ultra sexy Asadis!

Again thank you to my dearest wifey. I love my shoes and sandals a lot. So no more wearing mouth-gaping shoes. And definitely no more flowerless sandals that makes me feel like skating on ice. You see guys, sometimes it pays to be a scrooge right? So it was part of the plan lar? Muahahaha :D Enjoy your weekends folks.

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