Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Fat Already~ler!

Yesterday, after coming back from work I "ta pao" (bought) a packet of hot, steaming vegetarian fried rice for my dad. The stall was operated just a stone throw away from my home. I went there on foot of course. While on my way back I heard someone calling my name, "Xxxxx! Xxxxx!" I looked back and I was surprised to find out that my best pal's dad was waving at me. I politely backtracked and chatted with the uncle for a few minutes. Guess what was the first thing that he uttered?

War....so big o! :p

"You fat already~ler!" Hmm...I was stunned for a while. "Serious???" I monologued. Then I replied "Yeah! Lack of exercise recently." Then we continued with our routine conversation like how is my job, how am I doing etc. After a few minutes of catch up, I returned home immediately as daddy was waiting for his lunch. Poor old chap. :D

Thanks for reminding me. :)

When my wife's came back I related to her about my conversation with my friend's dad. She laughed at denied that I am fat. Haha :D I was bemused actually. I played basketball almost every day. Well...if I am fat, that doesn't necessarily a bad thing right? One thing for sure is that denotes that I still have food on my table. Hmm...Or because my wife keeps on feeding me with a lot of yummy dishes? It's good to be "fatt". So do you think I am fat? :p

P.S. Sorry that I forgot to censure my gross armpit growth! :p It stinks right? Can you smell it from here? :D

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