Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Can Cook Too

"You cook?" a friend asked me. Yes I do. Some of my friends are curious why I need to be home every day before 5.30p.m. from Monday to Friday. And my answer has always been, "I need to cook dinner!" Then I receive funny looks from them. "Aren't this supposed to be the ladies' job...say your mom, sister or your wife?" they quizzed. Well...yes but my dearest mommy can't cook for me anymore and my beloved wife will be only back around 6p.m. So I'll be the chef to put the dinner on our table every weekdays albeit my cooking sucks! :)

Let's eat porridge!

I can cook but of course my culinary "vocabulary" is very, very limited. I have been cooking for a few years but of course I am no match for my wife. I will be in charge in the kitchen during the weekdays and my wife will dish out yummy foods for us on weekends. :) This way we don't have to eat out very often. Plus my dad prefer to dine in rather eat out because he is used to mom's cooking. So me and my wife gotta fill that void vacated by Mama.

I like the eggs. :p

My beloved late Mama used to teach me and bro how to cook. Since she didn't have any daughters to pass down her "Secret recipe", Mama will always show us how she cooked whenever she can. Too bad...I had only learnt a few. Nonetheless I'm trying to improve every single day. I'm sure one day my dad, bro and wife will be proud of me.

I love the corns. :p

So this is the typical porridge that I will cook during one of the weekdays, usually on Thursday. Haha :D I know it looked funny. But as long we can have a sumptuous meal, that is more than enough right? Sometimes we add corn into our porridge to enhance its "texture". :p So do you guys cook too? Or do you eat out often?

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