Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Not Heartless

"You are heartless!" my wife uttered. Those words struck deeply that it made me pause for a moment. You see...I received a call from my wife yesterday afternoon. Around 1p.m. I guess. I was busy attending to some paperwork. Then my wife rang me. She asked me a question and I answered "NO". Straight away, my wife accused me of being HEARTLESS! But why? What have I done to be called heartless? Did I betray you my dear wife? Did I deceive you in any way? I have always been faithful to you...why? What have I done wrong?

It's all because of a...

because of a...



Yes! A plate of rice. :)'s no ordinary plate of rice. You see, my wife woke up early yesterday to prepare this fried rice for me (but I had leave for work around 6.50a.m). Then she expected me to return home to taste her fried rice around 9a.m. Unfortunately I was unable to do so because of my workload. Then around 1p.m. she called me to ask whether I had gone back to eat the specially-made-for-me fried rice. I said "NO" and she jokingly called me HEARTLESS! Haha :D

Of course I did eat the whole plate of yummy fried rice when I reached home yesterday evening, around 4.30p.m. So thank you my dear wife. You see, I did finish my friend rice. I'm not heartless right? ;)

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