Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tekkaus New Thumbnail (Rate It)

Actually I wanted to create a new thumbnail for my other blogs (if any in the future) and for the use of my other online profiles for a long, long time. Finally this morning, around 1 a.m. I woke up and sneaked out from the bedroom silently to the living room to create the long-overdue "avatar". Thank goodness my wife didn't notice, or did she? Ok, let's move on to my latest "masterpiece". A~hem! Certainly I'm no Picasso and I am utterly cluesless about using Photoshop. Hence my only solution is using Microsoft Word. And that explains the poor quality of my picture. You know what? It took me almost 2 hours to produce this badge. Behold-->The New Tekkaus Thumbnail!

Well...how do you guys think about my 2 hours work? Is it acceptable? Or is just a piece (or a few kilobytes) of useless crap. Let me know what you think by rating in the poll below. Better still, I would really appreciate it if you would top it up with a few comments. Don't worry I'm very open to suggestions and critics. Hope to listen from you guys soon. Come on bring in the rain of fire (comments+critics).

That's all for now folks. Please cast your vote and leave me a comment~ya! I'd really appreciate it. Gosh! My eyelids are getting pretty heavy. It's time for some shut eyes. But before that. Breakfast! :D

Guys. After reading your comments. I have decided to discard the cute little buddies. And this is the latest ones. There are two different designs. Both are slightly simpler. I intended to use the first one for Entrecard and other profiles that can display the thumbnail at larger size; likewise the second one for Avatar because it is much more leaner. Anyway thanks for all the comments. Hope to hear more. :D

For Entrecard, Adgitize etc.

For avatar! :D

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